Self Care for Days with Reduced Sunlight


Image by Sophia Rispoli

Winter is hard, but the seasonal depression hits even harder. Self-care is really difficult… then add cold weather, snow, less sunlight, and it may feel practically impossible. There is not a right or wrong way to take care of yourself. It is just about doing something that makes you happy and feel good. The idea of what self-care means is different for everyone. My favorite ways to practice self-care on a gloomy day are to watch a movie, read a book, bake, or put on a face mask. If I feel like going out, volunteering or spending time with friends are two things I love to do to promote self-care because there is not a single time I have come home and not had a smile on my face. So as long as you’re doing something that makes you cheerful and feel better, you are one step closer to self-care. Not saying that it isn’t difficult, because it most definitely is. And I cannot say this enough but if what you are doing is making you stressed, it is not self-care. So go get your self-care on and you’ll be a pro in no time!